When It’s Time ….

Trusted, caring real estate services for seniors

Over the course of our combined 70 years as professional Realtors, we have had the opportunity to work with people at all stages of life, during some of their most stressful .. .and exciting times.  From working with first time new home owners thrilled about starting a new chapter in their lives, to expanding families transitioning into their perfect forever home, or empty nesters looking for a simpler, carefree lifestyle – we have been privileged to be part of many journeys.
Among our most challenging and rewarding experiences, have been the many opportunities we have had to work with seniors faced with later-in-life moves.  Oftentimes, these moves are more challenging than earlier ones.  Deeply attached to a home full of life experiences, it can be hard to let go, and to imagine loving some other home, as much as they love their current home and the memories it holds.
In our experience, transitioning to a new home later in life comes with a different set of concerns and considerations that require understanding and empathy – as well as specialized knowledge and experience.  At this stage, perhaps more than any other, having a trusted adviser in your corner – one who can help you understand all of your options, and provide you with encouragement, support and direction, is vital.  As seniors ourselves, we have a great affinity for homeowners at this stage of their lives.  We know that your situation is different than anyone else’s, and that there is no one size fits all approach that works for all.  We’d love to understand what your situation is, and explore how we may be of service.  Whether your unsure or excited about your next move, or simply considering options, we are here to help.